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Vice President of Student Affairs responds to letters regarding SGA Elections

In a brief email sent Friday, May 4, 2012, the Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Rosa Jones has responded to the letters sent by students regarding her involvement in the elections.

In the statement, there is no mention of what rules or laws authorize her involvement. There is only a mention of an effort looking to address issues in the SGA governing documents.

Read the statement below.

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Student Body Responds to Decision by Vice President of Student Affairs

Following the decision of Dr. Rosa Jones, FIU Vice President of Student Affairs to overrule the SGC-MMC Supreme Court in their decision to call for new elections, the response from student leaders has been constant.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was the first to release a letter, and now several students have sent letter likewise expressing their disagreement with the VPSA’s actions. 

Below is a listing of the letters sent as we receive them. We will continue to update this post with more responses as they are released.

Letter from Chief Justice Octavio Mella

Letter from Former Senator Jose Garcia

Letter from Vice President Sanjeev Udhnani and Connor Mautner

Letter from Director of Student Success Luis Masieri

Letter from CSR President William-Jose Velez

Letter from Associate Justice Mohamed Al-Darsani

Petition to Recall Elections from Senator Juanita Luis

Letter from Vice Presidential Candidate Andres Wu

Letter from Former Senator Giovanni Correale