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Farinas Administration explains flip-flop on tuition increase

MIAMI, FL: The Student Government Association administration of appointed President Laura Fariñas has issued a press release to explain her flip-flop on tuition increase. In the release, Fariñas says that “There needs to be an understanding that the state legislature must be willing to invest in the future of the State of Florida.” Her vote in favor of the increase, which contradicts her campaign promises, is justified in the release with mentions of the state cuts on FIU’s budget.

Appointed SGA Vice President Alex Castro is quoted on how the students of the university now bear most of the budgetary burden, when the State should be one bearing it. The release contains no explanation of why then Fariñas did not vote against the increase to show the disapproval of further increase.

During the campaign before the elections of April 2012, Fariñas and her running mate, Alex Castro promised to fight to keep tuition low. On June 19, 2012, sitting in the Board of Trustees, Fariñas voted for the increase in tuition. In addition, the appointed SGA administration lobbied members of the State University System Board of Governors for the 15% tuition increase, the maximum allowed by law.

SOURCE: FIU SGA Facebook Page